Co-creating A Naturally High Lifestyle

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“After a terribly painful divorce, Saskia really got me to assess how to take stock of my life.”  – Frankie George, 65

“Saskia has a level of empathy, I have never known in anyone I have ever met before. I have never felt healthier in my life, thanks to the programme she suggested for me.” – Sasha Huntingdon, 44

“I had been suffering with anxiety and peer pressure throughout my whole teens. Saskia’s advice and guidance got me to see that I am worthy. And not to give in to pressure. “Chloe Foster, 19

Personalised Coaching Programmes

Ultimately this is about a sense of responsibility you have to yourself first. Because when you are whole you can give to others.


Having successfully assisted and been by the side of my clients for many years, the fundamental principle of what I do is, to initially guide them with the tools to make a significant change. Change comes when you are ready and committed to whichever area or areas of your life you feel need the change.

The ultimate goal is for you to go out and live a life that with my teachings is congruent and in alignment to yourself, our planet, all sentient beings, and our fellow brothers and sisters.

Change takes time. And commitment.


We all have the power right now to make a significant change in our and others lives.


  • Buying a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one.
  • Purchasing glass bottles instead of plastic.
  • Purchasing a reusable bottle.

Considered, thoughtful and conscious decisions. Every action we take leads us to the next, whether that is seen to be good or bad. There ultimately is a price to pay for this.

I am here to assist and guide you in purchase decisions, how to declutter and make the changes in your life that will be everlasting. I am here to educate. Offering a solution-based strategy. I am also here to get you to ask questions.

What are we going to do with all the amazing, products tools and access we have right now? Just sit there and live life on the sidelines?

Absolutely not. I am here to get you to live your life on purpose and with abundant joy. This takes time, effort and a laser-like vision.

I have made so many changes in my life myself and I am here to make profound changes in the world, including helping you to do the same.


It is easy to ignore what is going on but really – are you not part of this world? Why are so many of you living on the sidelines just existing and not participating in your own lives let alone the lives of others and our planet?

At the core of what I do is Engagement. Engaging in your life and what is around you. Every single thing we do, think, purchase and act upon has and does make a significant impact on everything. Most people have just not actually stopped to consider it. Small considered micro-steps in the right direction are, to me, the only way forward.

This is not about perfection as this does not exist. It is about a considerate way to live and honour yourself, your

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

It is an honour to be here. How are you going to utilise your time whilst you are here?

As you initiate the change each day passes anyhow, so it is up to you how you live the 24 hours we all have in any given day. Ultimately my aim is to be a voice for the voiceless.

So what is the ultimate end goal? It is different for each of us. But one thing I am certain of after meeting so many people and travelling all over the world is that everyone wants to be Happy and Healthy. What are you doing about that right now?

The Naturally High Lifestyle Coaching

is designed to get you THINKING and assessing ALL the areas in your life that need to be upgraded. We are not doing labels here or putting anyone in a box.

It is a safe space in which to enquire and ultimately seek within for what lights you up – a path of discovery.


Just start. Starting is better than just sitting there thinking about getting started, is it not?

Consistency is key. You cannot expect to do something for 1 day and then give up tomorrow. That is not a substantial change.

Creating a sustainable and wholesome, holistic lifestyle. With the ultimate connection to self and that which surrounds you.