Who Am I?

My name is Saskia and for over 30 years I have been devoted to living a congruent lifestyle focused on health, nutrition and fitness. I am a creator and facilitator of healthy lifestyle choices that focus on creating natural highs. I am also the creator of 7 days, a concept which taps into the senses to attain a spiritual, physical and mental completeness.

My Mission

My mission when creating Clean Living was to curate a set of products that I believe will help you achieve mental well being and clarity. These products are ones that I endorse and truly believe that they help to create the feeling of mental empowerment.

Charitable Causes

Part of living a healthy, full lifestyle is helping others and bringing positivity into the world. We believe in this and for that reason we have chosen these charities to support for causes that are close to our hearts. A small percentage of each sale goes towards supporting the wonderful they work they do. If you’d like to find out more about them, please click on the links below.

Charity Water

1 in 10 people lack access to clean water and Charity Water is on a mission to change that. Through the creation of sustainable projects in some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities, they are aiming to bring clean water to every single human being.

Plan International

Plan International UK is a global children’s charity. They work with girls and boys growing up in some of the world’s poorest communities, making sure they have access to the education, health care, clean water and future opportunities they need to thrive.

The Trussell Trust

In the UK, more than 14 million people are living in poverty – including 4.5 million children. The Trussell Trust supports more than 1200 food bank centres in the UK to provide a minimum of nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in need.

Personal Lifestyle Coaching

Another passion of mine is creating personal lifestyle plans for my clients that allow them to fulfil their lifestyle ambitions, life a healthier life and improve their own spiritual and mental wellbeing through a mixture of supplements, exercises and personal coaching sessions.

A Note from Saskia

“As, we come to the end of a very unforgettable year. We have and all face different challenges, ups and downs. Individually. I always look at what I am super grateful for, rather than lack. I just do not have a lack mentality….”