What People Say About Us

See what people have said about our wonderful founder, Saskia.

Since using Saskia’s services I have never felt better.

I was 20 kg overweight and just felt miserable and exhausted. With my goals in the forefront of my mind I discussed this with Saskia and she immediately placed me on an exercise and health regimen. The programme was developed so it was continually interesting. The food and exercise plan was constructed in such a way that I never got bored with the food or exercise. Within 3 months I had lost the weight. I found it absolutely fantastic. After, I had achieved what I classed as my happy, ideal weight, Saskia embarked on a complete style overhaul. This was the first time in my life I enjoyed clothes shopping and wearing beautifully cut and fitted clothing. I cannot thank Saskia enough for giving me this new lease of life.

-Ray, Armadale – Victoria, Australia

After my first pregnancy, Saskia got me onto a nutrition programme. This really got me back to health after a difficult pregnancy and labour.

What I love about Saskia is her honest spiritual approach to everything she guides you with.

-Cassandra Matthews, New Zealand

Saskia’s advice and guidance got me to see that I am worthy.

-Chloe Foster, Perth

Saskia has a level of empathy, I have never known in anyone I have ever met before.

I have never felt healthier in my life, thanks to the programme she suggested for me.

-Sasha Huntingdon, 44

After enduring years of bullying at school, I was a complete wreck. I could not even look people in the eyes and found it so hard to communicate, on every level.

Saskia redirected patterns of my negative self-doubt. And turned my life around being able to slowly integrate, back into the world.

-Arabella Wainwright

After an operation which left me bed-bound for 6 months, Saskia assisted me with nutrition, and a small exercise plan to get me back on track.

Her approach and personality though very professional, are at once funny and sensitive.

– Marcus Jackson