Yoga and I

I first came across yoga many years ago whilst I was living in Melbourne. The blessing of Yoga was introduced to me after recovering from many years of Trauma.

I truly believe that we are led to everything in our life at just the right time, and I am forever grateful for my amazing path of Yoga.  I have practiced many styles of Yoga since then, all around the world. I have completed a 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge in Richmond, Melbourne. Truly challenging but well worth it, I absolutely adore the heat.

A 1 month Intensive lyengar course in Los Angeles. Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga at Yoga 213 in Melbourne. I love hip hop but not together. It is fun to try new and different things in life.  I have done many classes in Los Angeles one of my favourite places on earth.  I predominantly practice at home but depending where I am I always seek out a class and love to try different styles. In 2015 I decided it was time to do my teacher training and I came across Gemma Mallol of Still Flowing Yoga.

I completed my teacher Training with Gemma in Ibiza and I am a qualified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher as stipulated by the US and European Yoga alliance at the 200 hour level.

This is a lifestyle, a way of life, not an exercise regimen, it is truly deeply more than that could ever be.